Galåvolden Farm
Gunn Brønnum and Ingulf Galåen
Galåvolden Gård is situated 720 meters above the sea level, 8 km south west from the centre of Røros city. The farm was founded in 1721 of one worker from Røros Kobberverk. He was of German family, and had the family name Catz. Today the farm is run by the 9. and 10. generations after the man who started the farm.  

There have always been cows on the farm. From 2007 they are in a new 2000 m2 building together with the cows from 4 other farms in the village. There are about 100 milking cows and 200 calves/heifers/bulls in this building. And the 5 farmers together have about 170 hektar of grasland. Some of the cattle are from the local cow type Rørosfe. The production is 750 000 liter of milk a year. 700 000 liter goes to Tine and 50 000 liter is used at the farm kitchen. 

The production of eggs started in 1976 with 900 fowl and are today with 15000 fowl. The fowl are located in 2 rooms in the building where the cows was earlier and one new building. All roms have new multi-level system - the best system free range system. 

The eggs are graded, quality controlled and packed the same day as they are laid and then delivered directly from the farm to grocery stores, hotels and institutions in the local district. This gives the best quality for the customer and better income for us as the producer.  

The farm kitchen for refinement of the farms raw materials was built in 2003. In the farm kitchen we produce many exciting product from our eggs, milk, beef and poultry meet. The main product is “Røros kake – en annerledes ostekake”, Røros cake – a different cheesecake. The cake is approved as “Norsk spesialitet”, Norwegian speciality, and is sold in several grocery stores in Oslo and Trøndelag. 

We also produce “Rørosost” (cheese), baking-products and various meat products. 

From 2009 we also produce Farm Ice cream. A high quality ice cream that taste lovely. 

The farm has a room where we serve the farm’s products to groups. 

Galåvolden Gård employs about 10 people, which together make up 7 annual works. 

Total turnover are about 8 million NOK per year. 

The host, Gunn Brønnum and Ingulf Galåen, was approved “Bygdeutviklingsprisen”, the prise for developing country districts, in Sør-Trøndelag in 2005. In 2010 Galåvolden Gård was approved "Årets Vekstbedrift i Fjellregionen", the firm of the year. And the design was approved Gold medal.

“Røroskake” was also elected as the best product during “Matbørsen” in Lillehammer in 2005, and at “Smakeriet” in Røros 2006. 

“Rørosmat” is a common company for food producers in the local area of Røros. Through this company many different producers co-operate among other things about product developing, quality safety and sale. The brand “Røros – mat fra Rørostraktene”, Røros – food from the local area of Røros, guaranties that the product are produced in the local area of Røros and from locale raw materials. 

Ingulf Galåen is chairman in the company, and Galåvolden Gård uses the activity of the company to, among other things, follow up sales outside the local area. 


Mobile: Ingulf +47 911 27 947 


Ingulf and Gunn.

Lars Jacob Galåen

Gendra Gailiunaite

Sandra Lecaviciute

Rune Krogh

Rasa Augustinaviciene

Maj Britt Wesselvold

Per Kolbjørn Grue

Danute Andziuviene

Phone: +47 72 41 30 18


Address: Galåvolden Gård
7372 Røros

Ingulf mobile: +47 911 27 947

Gunn mobile: +47 976 22 850

Lars Jacob mobile: +47 917 46 607





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